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PO Box 792

Rondebosch 7701

Cape Town  South Africa


Tel: +27 21 685 5221

Fax: +27 21 685 5221


E-Mail: [email protected]


  About Hitech

Company profile

Company Overview

Hitech is a specialist designer, manufacturer and distributor of microprocessor based products. The controllers are designed for use in the poultry and agricultural industries.  Other applications are for general climate control and electronic voting systems.  

Research and Development

Hitech invests in concurrent research and development, to maintain our technology competence in the field of micro controllers. Hitech carries out all product design in-house. Hitech concentrates on the development of complete systems, which include sensors, hardware (mechanical & electronic) and software (embedded and computer applications).


Hitech manufactures all products in-house. We keep up to date, meeting the demands of new products and expanding business markets.

The product is niche market, manufactured in Cape Town. 

Project production techniques are used together with individually trained technical assembly. We ensure a motivated and productive organization, committed to delivering a quality product.


Hitech believes in providing our customers with up to date quality products. 

Hitech seeks a strong market image. The company has gained wide acceptance by specifiers, installers, end-users and competitors. Hitech has been chosen to protect many poultry farming installations, mainly in the local South African farming community.